So propably you’re subscriber of, website run by Gary Savage – or maybe you are thinking about becoming a subscriber. Well, read my blog and i think you will change your mind. You think he is such a great trader ? well truth is far,far, FAR away from that. In a fact – in long term he is WRONG about literaly EVERY market – gold, dollar, stock market. It’s easy to track his “record”, on his you can read archive post to check his achievements. I dont know why people dont do that ?! Its easy to find out that since 2011 – in a long term he is WRONG WRONG WRONG and WRONG in his predictions. In a short term – yes he have some nice trades, recently he bragged about “4 perfect trades in a row”. Well guess what happened next, his next trade hit 70% DRAWDOWN, which is almost equal to BANKRUPT. On his website he’s posting “model portfolio” which is nothing but virtual money. But his subscribers are using REAL money and have real losses. So he started about 2011 claiming that gold is going only higher and higher, when bull market in gold crashed he claimed that its only a correction and bull market will resume with target prices around 2000-3000$. Yes… You know what happened right ?

But even in 2013-2014 he still believed that bull market is still in play ! And he was very confident about it, just check picture below, “i can assure you”, “im sure” etc – he is still using this word to this days. “you will make shitloads of money” etc. But what happened, he lost most of cash in “model portfolio”, leaving his subscribers accounts EMPTY. The he hid this portfolio because he is refusing to admit that he was totally wrong about EACH MARKET in timeframe 2011-2014. Just check his predictions they are public available. He claimed that stock market is going to fall, well what happened ? all time highs… he claimed that dollar is done, and what happened ? multiyear highs. He is still claiming that dollar is done, but dollar is still making new highs almost each day 🙂 And of course – gold, he was totally wrong

So to resume – he was 100% wrong on each market, he lost his subscribers money because of that. So what he did, in 2015 he decided to reset his model portfolio, new balance like never happened. Well his subscribers couldnt do that, their money are gone forever.

FINALLY gold bottomed in 2015 so guess what, Gary is on fire again – gold is going to 4000-5000$ this time! dollar is done ! you’re going to make shitloads of money etc, saaame old story

gold prices went higher, no wonder, after fall from 1900 to 1050 it had to rebound at some point. So it rebounded and Gary FINALLY started to make (virtual) money. Subscribers base started to grow, damn what a good trader, he claimed bull market in gold and it happened (no one checked that he claimed that since 2011). Model portfolio rose from 100000 to 220000 and Gary started to bragging about it, every time someone had other opinion (maybe its not bull etc) he responded like he is smartest trader ever, you dont know nothing, im sure, im 100% sure. Yeah, he was sure in 2012,2013 and 2014 also

But what happened in october 2016, Gary went long in gold at 1330$ of course at heavy leverage (JNUG), his subscribers followed him. What happened ? gold went down like a rock, to 1250$ and Gary’s model portfolio from 220000$ shrinked to 66000 which means -33% from START balance.

So lets resume: his model porftolio lost like 70-80% in previous years, he reseted it (virtual money right) then at the moment he is down AGAIN. And of course he is still claiming that dollar is done, and that gold is going to rise above 1500$ before end of 2016. How this will end ? I just hope that his subscribers will not lost most of their money again..

– he lost 70-80% of cash in 2012-2014
– he hid this like it never happened, just ask him about his previous record – he will ban you or delete your comment
– he lost 70% of cash in ONE trade, so he was DEAD WRONG about gold’s direction but he is STILL acting like trading god

So do you think that this are achievements of good trader ? do you want to PAY him for that ? Think twice. Below you find his “best moments”:

January 2012: If this scenario plays out then we can jettison the deflationary bear market hypothesis and begin positioning for the inflationary scenario which should culminate with a dollar crisis in late 2014. This scenario also has the potential to drive the bubble phase of the gold bull market.
my comment: since then dollar is UP 20% and you know what happened with gold – NICE CALL

April 2012: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (about stock market)
As convincing as this rally has been I am confident this is an ending phase and not the start a new secular bull market.
my comment: this “ending phase” ended with sky rocketing of stock market, SP500 went +60%, another NICE CALL

June 2013: No one even believes that gold will ever see $1900 again, much less many multiples higher than that. Yet gold has now put in place the necessary conditions for a bubble to begin. And all big secular bull markets end in bubbles.Human nature never changes. 
my comment: do i have to comment that ? gold went from 1400 to 1050, “bubble” ? really ?

this is only a small part.. i just want to prove that he was wrong about EACH market. You want more ? check this and dont forget to read all comments:

Also check this blog, MUST READ: especially:

After reading this, are you still willing to pay for Gary’s SMT service (which should be called LMH – Lose Money Hard) ?

BREAKING NEWS: After losing MOST of portfolio in SINGLE TRADE he is doing it AGAIN, Gary deleted his model portfolio in 2016 because he was close to going bankrupt AGAIN. Same situation happened after huge losses in 2011-2014, he deleted portfolio and made new one and guess what, he lost most of it AGAIN. This guy is nothing but MONEY LOSING MACHINE, total amateur which was overconfident about new bull market in gold. He was aggressive against every opposite voice (maybe its not bull ? he was like: you’re stupid IM SURE !) and now we see the truth. Guy knows nothing, cant make money in trading – LOSER OF THE CENTURY – and whats worse, he’s taking money from subscribers for it ! BEWARE


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    Bottom line:
    +.88% = +82% of my Friday’s gain
    Lesson here: The beauty of compounding over time
    Let the money work for you vs. You work for the money aka Rich Dad Poor Day phenomenon

    Markets are cyclical in nature, no 100% up days nor 100% down days but waves of change hence my reason early Friday to enter.
    Awareness, the internet encylopedia of knowledge and an online account can do wonders.

    I only manage Me and my families’ accounts and nobody else

  • Let me know when Gary flips bearish in GDX so that I know it might be time to go long. He is still bullish, like he was the whole way down, right?

  • +2.24% as a whole today

  • nice work hot shot im up 4% today.holding long and strong.what me worry?be nice if we would all show proof of our claims.mines bigger than yours internet toughguy bullshit hour has begun.hey vin know any good pizzerias in brooklyn?

  • Futures green
    Guess Gary didn’t get the PPT memo
    AND swing low prenmarket Friday confirmed

  • Attachment Screenshot_20180910-155816_Chrome

    U C?

  • Is Gary still jinxing metals or did he give up, finally?

  • “until it works out” LOL It’s working out fine for those on the opposite side of the trade. 🙂

  • These are typically wonderful frontal lace wigs and that i adore the unique a person, They are Great THOUGH!

    • Looks like you are going to be right about JNUG at 666 Vin. How weird is that. Didn’t you make that call when price was a couple bucks higher?

      • What’s even weirder Vin is that we will see JNUG hit 6.66 on 9-11…….

        Those NY boys sure like to play games with peoples heads. Tell me that wasn’t planned all along. No fucking way is that a coincidence. I am very sorry to have to say on this issue Gary is correct. The gold market is more manipulated than any other major commodity.

        • Actually more so in crude and US Indice futures

          Gary claims currency as well as metals but it’s his back pocket alibi

        • Peg, market is a humbling experience. Looks like it is going much lower.
          My initial guess was somewhere between 6.53 t0 6.78 would be a significant stopping point. But, I guess the market has a way to prove us wrong, specially me.
          Good luck.

  • I have to ask Vin….did you come up with that number by charting a projection or was it the cynicism in your trading bones that told you it was a bottom? It charts perfectly is why I ask. The channel nails price at the correct angle. Pretty good call. I am too religious to buy it though (yes, Peg is religious in spite of all the cursing). If that is the real price bottom I can pick it up tomorrow or the next day. Weird stuff man.

    • Peg, I don’t put my faith in anything except the fundamentals when it comes to investing. But, I also gamble ie I trade but a very small portion of my portfolio. That portion got wiped out after I listened to our friend Gary. To be fair I did not follow his advice to the dot. Again, the shunted in and out a bit too fast for my taste. I lost.

      Re. jnug, of-course I look at charts but it is not a must for me. It is a combination of several things. If I were you I wouldn’t pay much weight to my predictions. It is more for fun then anything else. Again, deep down under I am a gold bug but not the kind you see on the net. In fact this downturn in gold is hurting my portfolio significantly, much more than following our friend Gary’s nonsense. I did not expect it to go so far. Trump is something else. LOL!

      Good luck in your trading. I wish you well.

  • Kiss of death SMT’s latest blog about a Nasdaq correction looming (back to back themes).

  • Little does he know all but the INDU has bottomed (NAFTA related).

  • I think the dollar could break down today. Anything under 94.85 starts looking like a technical breach to my eyes. Last week the hourly chart pattern implied a bullish rise higher but there was not a correct follow through on that and today we have come within a hair of the dollar cracking lower.

  • Attachment Capture

    Hey Gary what happened to Cycles leading everything, being right all the time and all that shit?

  • On 9/11 of all days Gary throws in the towel on the Guru business and tells his PAID subscribers to just trade for themselves because he gave up trying to figure out the market. What the fuck!!!!!…Is this some kind of joke? Then what are those people paying you for Gary? Trading based on best guesses is the exact reason they signed up for your help in the first place.

    It was because they didn’t know how to trade and needed help.

    The tower of Gary has officially been toppled.

  • Attachment Screenshot_20180911-053200_Chrome

    How can one be on the WRONG side of a trade?
    Deliberate sabotage or complete embisol ignorance?

  • Peg, have a look at INDL and tell me what you think?

  • Attachment 20180911_054157

    One to watch SWIR:

    • Thank you ProTrader for these giant incomplete charts.

      I don’t what will the investors do with such useful info.

      Where do you get such important info. from.

      You must be a genius?

      • You’re absolutely correct
        I’ll take my passion elsewhere

        • No. Please don’t. Those charts are so colorful. We will lose all the entertainment. Stick around.
          Is it possible that you explain we you say instead of just posting those colorful but incomplete and complicated charts? Please understand that not everyone is as gifted as you are. I am a bit slow.

  • ******************

    Peg, have a look at INDL and tell me what you think, particularly the long term trend?


  • ProTrader,

    The charts are much appreciated on mobile. Thanks.

  • So…. Gary has JNUG and TVIX open, right?

    • no, no, no…..Gary has nothing. He was betting 100% of the portfolio, then 50%, then 20% and last week it was a mere 5% since the portfolio is totally destroyed and he is now broke. Today he announced he won’t make anymore calls because the banksters are in control. So he is officially down to zero money.

      Thank the LORD!! Some subscribers have been saved by that small mercy.

  • Oh look! We might be at the bottom. Gary was indeed the perfect contrarian indicator.

  • Please upload some shots proving that Gary gave up, so we will know if there really is any chance that this could be an actual bottom. Thanks.

  • Ok, I see the screen shot of him telling subscribers they’re on their own, but is he refunding them their subscription money and shutting down the site?

  • what was Gary giving up on, the stock market or gold? or Both? the funny thing is with Gold, it is not the banks (commercials) who have been pressing the short side but the hedge funds and managed money. Gary, being a follower of the COT, should see this clearly. So if he is blaming the banks for the PM sell off he is wrong.

  • Attachment Channel break down on the dollar - Sept 09 2018

    The rising channel on the dollar was violated to the downside during the past two hours. Make of it what you want but this is a warning that a dollar reversal has begun and the gold bottom has arrived. It does not look like much on the daily chart yet but it did fulfill my condition of falling below 94.85 which creates a breach you need to consider.

    So maybe Gary did call the bottom when he announced he woulds stop calling the bottom. Too funny.

  • If he gave up, then what the heck does this mean? (see below)
    The SMT stock portfolio is back in the lead for now with +27%.

    Mustang Sally switched sides a little too soon and has given back a big chunk of her profits.

    This has been a very difficult year for everyone so far. I suspect the winners come next July will turn out to be the traders that have the patience to wait for good setups. Unfortunately most people aren’t capable of sitting on the sidelines. They jump in and out of trades trying to make something happen. Usually they just over trade and end up making their broker money but very little profits for themselves.

    We aren’t in the same environment this year as last year. The first half of the year produced lots of volatility. It’s hard to make money in extremely volatile markets. I suspect we’re going to get more volatility soon with the elections and another rate hike coming. So I’m not sure it’s going to get any easier the last 4 months of the year.

    This entry was posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2018.

  • Ok, so I guess it means his paper stock market port is up, even though he got decimated on gold. Got it!

  • WTF?

    ” most people aren’t capable of sitting on the sidelines. They jump in and out of trades trying to make something happen. Usually they just over trade and end up making their broker money but very little profits for themselves.”

    Sounds exactly like you dumbass brokeass Gary.


    • That’s how delusional this guy is. He probably doesn’t even see what he’s doing as jumping in and out. He sees it as actual investing. He may just have a terrible gambling problem. He does live in Vegas.

  • Attachment Gold_10yr_12_09_2018

    Gold-futures float just above that 10yr-bottom-line.
    Watching closely, but not entering apart from the
    occasional scalping action.

  • i might get out earlier but I am for 11.11 jnug. And, if I am wrong I will add more around $5.43

  • Spike because of EUR-strength (even CHF is down) ?
    Watching the volume…

  • buying select gold producers that have had their nuts kicked in.holding thru end of guts no glory.consensus on this board is going positive from neg.good luck yall.

  • For anybody that remembers my euro flag, I think we have breakout.

  • INDL is up 3.30 and jnug is up 0.78. A great day, so far.

    Guys let us know when gary goes positive on gold so that I can sell jnug. Thanks.

    • LOL! Yeah, I would agree Gary is probably the worst market timer alive. Never seen anything quite like it to tell the truth. I have commented before that he is so bad I almost think its deliberate. Nobody is that incompetent. Just yesterday he threw in the towel on gold. This morning we have seen it move up 17 dollars from valley to peak and the breakout looks to be for real.

      I suppose that’s why he has a website devoted to his trading calls….

      By the way, I posted a chart last night (it’s up above) showing a tiny gap down on the US dollar. Those little breaks are meaningful. Some time back someone here was riding me about saying a penny made a difference to the trend. Well it does. Just one cent above resistance or below support and you need to consider there may be a directional change at hand.

      The dollar broke support by pennies and that little clue has been replied to by the market with a 17 dollar move higher in gold and the dollar turning bearish and gapping down in just a single day. So when you are following a channel it pays to pay attention to the small details. Decent charting software is worth it. Personally I hate Stockcharts because the continuous contract method they use fucks up the chart readings.

      The bugs love it though. …….Each to his own I suppose.

  • BREAKOUT!NOW LETS SEE IF THIS BAD BOY CAN CLOSE UP 25%today.winner,winner,chicken dinner!

  • have a couple of cold ones Peg you nailed it Gary failed it.

    • Thanks man. I bought the usual by the way (just in case someone later on says I told you in hindsight). My buy was based on the breakdown of the dollar, not the JNUG chart itself if you are curious. Strangely enough I barely glanced at that miner chart since I was fixated on what the buck and USD/Euro were doing. But anyway….so far, so good.

      I like this turn incidentally. there are enough people resisting it that it stands a chance of taking off. Volumes are OK but might have been higher. almost every gold bug on the planet got burned on the way down. I made two mistimed entries myself although they were fortunately very minor losses since i went in paranoid. LOL. Paranoia pays off sometimes.

  • got it Peg saw that the dollar was up against all the major trading currencies except the it when we shoot up off nice bases coils rubberbands call it what you will i call it all good.

  • what made me buy?a very important management change.they threw out the garbage and hired one of the best in the mining business.

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