So propably you’re subscriber of, website run by Gary Savage – or maybe you are thinking about becoming a subscriber. Well, read my blog and i think you will change your mind. You think he is such a great trader ? well truth is far,far, FAR away from that. In a fact – in long term he is WRONG about literaly EVERY market – gold, dollar, stock market. It’s easy to track his “record”, on his you can read archive post to check his achievements. I dont know why people dont do that ?! Its easy to find out that since 2011 – in a long term he is WRONG WRONG WRONG and WRONG in his predictions. In a short term – yes he have some nice trades, recently he bragged about “4 perfect trades in a row”. Well guess what happened next, his next trade hit 70% DRAWDOWN, which is almost equal to BANKRUPT. On his website he’s posting “model portfolio” which is nothing but virtual money. But his subscribers are using REAL money and have real losses. So he started about 2011 claiming that gold is going only higher and higher, when bull market in gold crashed he claimed that its only a correction and bull market will resume with target prices around 2000-3000$. Yes… You know what happened right ?

But even in 2013-2014 he still believed that bull market is still in play ! And he was very confident about it, just check picture below, “i can assure you”, “im sure” etc – he is still using this word to this days. “you will make shitloads of money” etc. But what happened, he lost most of cash in “model portfolio”, leaving his subscribers accounts EMPTY. The he hid this portfolio because he is refusing to admit that he was totally wrong about EACH MARKET in timeframe 2011-2014. Just check his predictions they are public available. He claimed that stock market is going to fall, well what happened ? all time highs… he claimed that dollar is done, and what happened ? multiyear highs. He is still claiming that dollar is done, but dollar is still making new highs almost each day 🙂 And of course – gold, he was totally wrong

So to resume – he was 100% wrong on each market, he lost his subscribers money because of that. So what he did, in 2015 he decided to reset his model portfolio, new balance like never happened. Well his subscribers couldnt do that, their money are gone forever.

FINALLY gold bottomed in 2015 so guess what, Gary is on fire again – gold is going to 4000-5000$ this time! dollar is done ! you’re going to make shitloads of money etc, saaame old story

gold prices went higher, no wonder, after fall from 1900 to 1050 it had to rebound at some point. So it rebounded and Gary FINALLY started to make (virtual) money. Subscribers base started to grow, damn what a good trader, he claimed bull market in gold and it happened (no one checked that he claimed that since 2011). Model portfolio rose from 100000 to 220000 and Gary started to bragging about it, every time someone had other opinion (maybe its not bull etc) he responded like he is smartest trader ever, you dont know nothing, im sure, im 100% sure. Yeah, he was sure in 2012,2013 and 2014 also

But what happened in october 2016, Gary went long in gold at 1330$ of course at heavy leverage (JNUG), his subscribers followed him. What happened ? gold went down like a rock, to 1250$ and Gary’s model portfolio from 220000$ shrinked to 66000 which means -33% from START balance.

So lets resume: his model porftolio lost like 70-80% in previous years, he reseted it (virtual money right) then at the moment he is down AGAIN. And of course he is still claiming that dollar is done, and that gold is going to rise above 1500$ before end of 2016. How this will end ? I just hope that his subscribers will not lost most of their money again..

– he lost 70-80% of cash in 2012-2014
– he hid this like it never happened, just ask him about his previous record – he will ban you or delete your comment
– he lost 70% of cash in ONE trade, so he was DEAD WRONG about gold’s direction but he is STILL acting like trading god

So do you think that this are achievements of good trader ? do you want to PAY him for that ? Think twice. Below you find his “best moments”:

January 2012: If this scenario plays out then we can jettison the deflationary bear market hypothesis and begin positioning for the inflationary scenario which should culminate with a dollar crisis in late 2014. This scenario also has the potential to drive the bubble phase of the gold bull market.
my comment: since then dollar is UP 20% and you know what happened with gold – NICE CALL

April 2012: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (about stock market)
As convincing as this rally has been I am confident this is an ending phase and not the start a new secular bull market.
my comment: this “ending phase” ended with sky rocketing of stock market, SP500 went +60%, another NICE CALL

June 2013: No one even believes that gold will ever see $1900 again, much less many multiples higher than that. Yet gold has now put in place the necessary conditions for a bubble to begin. And all big secular bull markets end in bubbles.Human nature never changes. 
my comment: do i have to comment that ? gold went from 1400 to 1050, “bubble” ? really ?

this is only a small part.. i just want to prove that he was wrong about EACH market. You want more ? check this and dont forget to read all comments:

Also check this blog, MUST READ: especially:

After reading this, are you still willing to pay for Gary’s SMT service (which should be called LMH – Lose Money Hard) ?

BREAKING NEWS: After losing MOST of portfolio in SINGLE TRADE he is doing it AGAIN, Gary deleted his model portfolio in 2016 because he was close to going bankrupt AGAIN. Same situation happened after huge losses in 2011-2014, he deleted portfolio and made new one and guess what, he lost most of it AGAIN. This guy is nothing but MONEY LOSING MACHINE, total amateur which was overconfident about new bull market in gold. He was aggressive against every opposite voice (maybe its not bull ? he was like: you’re stupid IM SURE !) and now we see the truth. Guy knows nothing, cant make money in trading – LOSER OF THE CENTURY – and whats worse, he’s taking money from subscribers for it ! BEWARE


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  • Yah right,show me the docs fucko Gary and his turd many more of these sick fucks out there.must be some new virus and Gary is the host .

  • show you mine if you show me yours.

  • may be wrong but i doubt it.stayin out of ag&au til after the elections and maybe til after the fed?lottsa other stuff to play with.maybe just sit back and watch GGGGGary and all the others fall over each other trying to figure this shit circus out.

  • So if you add the Quest portfolio he’s underwater?

    • Correct. He is also not accounting for his huge underwater loss in TQQQ. Since he is “still” holding, he will not factor in. All his figures are BS. He is not up 21% as he claims, he has been beating to a pulp this year in the market – all his “catching the bottom in gold” calls in the last 3-4 months, wrecked his account and most of his subs. That is why now, he refuses to make metal trades. In response to “Advise”, it really does not seem this way. Gary has been making these type of claims for the last 10 years and has received no consequences from behind his Nevada LLC wall.

  • This is the problem with the internet – its given these fucktards a platform to get you and make the financial world toxic.

    Advice: Learn the regulatory landscape and know ANYONE posting a track record without a professional license registration is breaking federal laws. Regardless if its clients or ANY ONES – its still his website regulators still look at this as his even though in his mind he thinks he has an out claiming its subscribers results its still an implied track record on his website.

  • if voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it – Mark Twain – a true legend that one

  • Gary will blow himself up and take his subs with him in one final act of desperation swinging for the fences after a series of sucessful trades that will sucker in the group that will all drink the kool-aid with him.Then you will see legal action.

  • Gary will blow himself up and take his subs with him in one final act of desperation swinging for the fences after a series of sucessful trades that will sucker in the group that will all drink the kool-aid with him.Then you will see legal action.

  • So gold is up and rising towards 1245 as I mentioned yesterday. It’s been moving slower than I thought but no matter, it’s getting there anyway. Near 1245 it’s a short possibly all the way back to 1210 . I need to assess it again as the day progresses but the basic idea is to buy that low as gold should be ready to resume it’s rise. Step by step people. We are getting there.

  • He probably started SMT to subsidize his own trading due to his own massive losses. That’s what most of these fools do – they where already addicted to the markets and trading then they sustain huge losses on their own – then they start a blog selling advice for revenue without ANY prior experience working in the industry its self. Sadly the investing public falls for these guys.

    • His bio says 15 years
      15 years for a 56 year old has red flags
      15 years is nothing as far as experiences

    • No doubt he sells services to survive. No fucking way can any genuine professional trader be so bad as he demonstrates. He is exposed as a fraud for his untimely pathetic market calls. It is by virtue of this blog and the close examination of his style that others might be saved from financial disaster. Remember that guy in England who mortgaged his house on Garys GDX gamble? Totally destroyed by those bets. He trusted Gary because some sites called him guru. What a joke!!!

      • Is that true!? Somebody mortgaged their house???

        • Yes. It was a few months back posted on Gary’s blog. Can’t recall the guys name anymore but someone copied the comment to this site. He was an Englishman. Scared Tommy or something like that. Bankrupt by now I suppose. Someone who is patient could probably find the comment. From June or July I think.

  • “Working in the industry” – now that is funny, people who work in financial services are the biggest fools out there – by far

  • Cake please. I’m waiting for like a year now.

  • so i’m talking to this cab driver from Romania this morning.knows more about our markets than that Gary guy.his comment about mkt gurus….”bunch of crooks”,”your system is broken”

  • So gold is totally NOT cooperative. I can’t seem to get this thing right anymore. It’s making me MENTAL!!!!

    • So naturally I got long miners again via JNUG at 7.57 late in the day. I really hate metals lately

      • When are you going to learn? It’s FOOLS gold.

      • Keep the faith Peg, just a chop week until Thursday then we should move. Nasdaq has also pinged off the rising 252 ma 6 times in the last 2 weeks, bull market in indices back on before the big plunge, my guess October 2019, we’ll see, metals will go with it and will be final time to back up the truck, patience required for stackers and investors alike.

        More importantly SP500 opened below its rising 252ma and closed well above it yesterday, the bull is confirmed as being back on imo, DYOR obvs and always remember advice given for free is worth exactly what you pay for it. Must admit I do love an election, probably stay up like a mad person and watch tonight, 3 in the morning for us.

        • Thursday? Not sure what you are seeing there. All I noted today was the potential for a short term bounce. Gold has utterly failed in expectations I had about it last week. When I plugged in the bear channel above though I suddenly realized I have probably been reading the entrails wrong all along.

          • Market is saying Dems have trashed the Republicans in the midterms Peg – look at DXY fall and Gold pop right now

  • Amazing – the Dems look like they could also take the Senate, now that really would be something

    • Turn off CNN jackass. Dems have no chance at Senate.

      • True, they are missing the targets in the house as well at the moment, interesting night though all the same, closer than it ought to be – Kentucky 06 a bad miss for the dems.

        • No surprises so far. Dems will take house and Republicans may pick up a few Senate seats.

          • Does it make any difference? Up in Canada they have a multi-party parliamentary system that gives voters an honest chance to throw ALL the bums out when the system gets too nasty. Jack Layton and the NDP pulled right up the middle some years back and knocked out both the major parties in the process. That shut everyone up for awhile. The problem with the US two party system is that both sides become so polarized in their views that nothing functions properly anymore.The system would be more civil with a third party option.

  • the American experiment with the game show host seems to have hit a wall as it were

  • Brexit moved the markets. Trumps election moved the markets. If Ben Bernanke farted it would move the market.

    But this?….nuthin. Go back to sleep.

  • russia and china will be delighted – divide and conquer, yankee clowns are doing it for them, the move in gold comes thursday, chop until FOMC, indexes back on bull from rising 1 year moving average. Gary BANG ON correct AGAIN, melt-up phase coming

    • Oh the wanker from across the pond is back. Yes divide and conquer, the muslims must be delighted now that they took over Europe, without a fight mind you. Hope you enjoyed it, its theirs now.

  • BTW wanker, the Dems have not controlled the house for over 7 years. It was only a matter of time, before some balance presented itself. The upper chamber is the most important and the Republicans will end up with 5 new seats when the dusts settles. Chew on this and you will see Trump actually had a better than expected night

  • Yikes!shoot first ask questions later in JNUG @7.74 cmon in Peg and company the waters fine!

  • Muslim communities expanding rapidly.Old churches now mosques.Men & women in native dress.Traffic jams at afternoon prayers.Its like being on acid and stepping off a plane in Tangiers.

  • actually those outfits with the cute hat the men wear remind me of donkey drivers from Sardinia.

  • added more JNUG @7.61.

  • should change the name of this thing to JNAZI.out the window laptop first then meooooh noooooo splat!ok Gary your up!

  • can you guys imagine how fucking smug that Gary Savage is right now? “off to climbing” – fucktard

  • Should be a disclaimer following SMT advice.

  • Did you all buy the dip dipshits?

    Gary is spot on on this call as I called S&P 2603 the bottom.

  • Poor gold bugs. Another day came, where they had high hope and all they got was a shit sandwich.

  • Bang on bluebear, some of us understand, me, you, Gary, well done kiddo

  • You know Obiwan…You could be right about gold moving today. You have a chart of what you are looking at?

    • Hi Peg, just stick a 21day moving average on your chart, it is rising at c.45% angle, spike down hammer day, if it closes above the rising 21ma after opening below it post FOMC drivel then next target is an easy scoot up to 1242.90, after that there is no resistance until 1293.65. I don’t put up charts, can’t be arsed but you can do your own TA. If you want to PM privately come over to Tradingview – pretty obvious who I am, have fun.

      • I don’t know trading view. Plugged in into the search and just ended up on a page with a chart screen so full there was no room for a blogging. Must have gone to the wrong site. Will check your MA note though. I like the pattern set up this morning.

        • Hey Peg, set up an account on let me know the name you choose and i’ll PM you, no need to pay anything, we can swap charts then, can’t be bothered to do it on here, too many trolls and i’ll swap my private email. If you want to really read the best book on technical analysis get the following by Brian Marber – Marber on Markets – he was the best technical analyst the world has ever seen imo. Sadly he recently died this summer but was a great guy, a true legend. He made me cry laughing on more occasions than I can remember, was a comedian in his early days and will always be a hero to me.

          I thought I was pretty good on TA until I read his book, it transformed my life and understanding of the markets. Best wishes, have fun.

  • enough!bye,bye JNUG face ripper see you on the other side of this slide.glad i was not trading SIZE.back to 6.50?

    • Face ripper? I doubt it. The support line is near 7.10 and it has not arrived there (yet). Resistance to overcome is the 50dma near 8.00 dollars. The current JNUG pattern is nearly perfect to take price all the way to 10.50 so I am not worried (yes I am long). I would say however that gold has been a ROYAL PAIN THE ASS FOR MONTHS!!!

      But wee can all agree on that part.

      • yes yes yes.but but but everybody knows there has to be a bounce even a rally from the basement….oops spoke too soon dollar up gold down.look at oil,yikes anybody want to buy some mineral rights in the williston basin cheap.dont have a vested interest …but Ira Epstein is a very good cmt…..follow on gold know we lll have the same look just a diff way of sayin it.i meanwe all look the same with our pants down…calm down Gary you dont get any!

  • Once again the gold bugs receive another dose of disappointment. It’s fools gold FOOLS.

    • We’re lining up for a very healthy jump in mining stock and the price of gold, Kitten. You can’t see it easily because of the glacial pace of the move but I can assure you its visible on the charts. So its easy to be dismissive when price drags its sorry arse around like an octogenarian waddle because he’s holding back his prune juice.

      Be patient. We probably have all Friday to wait as well. Got to touch down on the support lines (and all that jazz). I’m sure you can make good money buying NVID shares while we wait. There is another stock market decline coming by the way. That’s on the charts too and obvious as hell.

      Start planning short positions or get some insurance cause its gonna rain sweet chops.

      • You heard it folks. Pegasus and Gartman are saying short the stock market. Let’s see how this works out. I would suspect some consolidation after yesterday’s move, but for sure there is some implied volatility out there.

        • You are confused about Gartman. His role is to steer the largest number of people in the wrong direction. So in this case you would not do the opposite of what he says, you would follow along and get short. The majority still believe stocks are going higher. And when Gartman says to go short then they are doubly reinforced in their conviction in getting long because his reputation as the contrary indicator is unblemished.

          Thing is, when markets go South he calls trades that are correct and when its rising he calls them wrong.

          Get with it kitten!

      • but but but but look at that bband goin to open up the lower band and make a big fav four gold miners have been bet t bones @5.99lb. yummo!

  • I’m sensing a disturbance in the force – help me father.

  • when you have to kill everyone in the fucking room you can always trust a Glock.

  • Well well, returning from a 4-day-trip to SE Asia to see that my rather conservative (factor 23) DOW-longs have been doing really well (just sold them with 275% net profit) while gold hasn’t performed at all.

    I have to admit Gary S. was spot on with this stock-market recovery.
    Glad I came to the same conclusion and took the opportunity.

    There might be a (normal) correction coming, we’ll see how/where it ends.

    Take care all !

  • Chart of DOW-long attached.

    Now what’s the crowds opinion on WTI ?
    Am watching for a possible entry at $60 and catching a bounce/rebound.
    Technicals on chart look quite terrible but oil is about as crazy as gold in
    that respect.

    • Agree on that Werner. But I bought into oil anyway. High leverage naturally because I love the punishment. LOL! We will see.

      • Hello Peg.
        WTI futures just touched $ 60.1 so I’m not that far away from my
        picked entry point. I noticed that during the last days there have
        been some major sales always at 16:00 local time. Will see, if this
        happens again and maybe enter with a KO of $ 58.43 (calcs to a
        factor of ca. 30).

      • Made up my mind to stay on the sideline for now.
        I hate catching falling (oily) knives.

        • Good idea although I can see a bounce is imminent. But I am already regretting my entry from yesterday as it was too early. That’s the impulsive side of my personality that so many of us suffer from. Being correct and early equals being wrong.

  • Cuming to bed Galore – cumming to bed. The disturbance is getting strong can you pheel it?

  • Poor gold bugs. Smashed again. It’s fools gold FOOLS

    • Yes, next stop 1,200 and then 1,192 with 1,160 the low of august 16. Only if
      (miraculously) 1,236 is crossed positively we MIGHT see a different scenario.

      I doubt it and prefer to watch the DOW for another swing-trade long.

  • Last week he claimed the SMT portfolio was up 21%

    Update: Gar’y Dec 21 GDX 22 CALLS bought at 1.55 are now trading at .05. These are the type of calculations that you will not see in Gary’s portfolio claims.

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