So propably you’re subscriber of, website run by Gary Savage – or maybe you are thinking about becoming a subscriber. Well, read my blog and i think you will change your mind. You think he is such a great trader ? well truth is far,far, FAR away from that. In a fact – in long term he is WRONG about literaly EVERY market – gold, dollar, stock market. It’s easy to track his “record”, on his you can read archive post to check his achievements. I dont know why people dont do that ?! Its easy to find out that since 2011 – in a long term he is WRONG WRONG WRONG and WRONG in his predictions. In a short term – yes he have some nice trades, recently he bragged about “4 perfect trades in a row”. Well guess what happened next, his next trade hit 70% DRAWDOWN, which is almost equal to BANKRUPT. On his website he’s posting “model portfolio” which is nothing but virtual money. But his subscribers are using REAL money and have real losses. So he started about 2011 claiming that gold is going only higher and higher, when bull market in gold crashed he claimed that its only a correction and bull market will resume with target prices around 2000-3000$. Yes… You know what happened right ?

But even in 2013-2014 he still believed that bull market is still in play ! And he was very confident about it, just check picture below, “i can assure you”, “im sure” etc – he is still using this word to this days. “you will make shitloads of money” etc. But what happened, he lost most of cash in “model portfolio”, leaving his subscribers accounts EMPTY. The he hid this portfolio because he is refusing to admit that he was totally wrong about EACH MARKET in timeframe 2011-2014. Just check his predictions they are public available. He claimed that stock market is going to fall, well what happened ? all time highs… he claimed that dollar is done, and what happened ? multiyear highs. He is still claiming that dollar is done, but dollar is still making new highs almost each day 🙂 And of course – gold, he was totally wrong

So to resume – he was 100% wrong on each market, he lost his subscribers money because of that. So what he did, in 2015 he decided to reset his model portfolio, new balance like never happened. Well his subscribers couldnt do that, their money are gone forever.

FINALLY gold bottomed in 2015 so guess what, Gary is on fire again – gold is going to 4000-5000$ this time! dollar is done ! you’re going to make shitloads of money etc, saaame old story

gold prices went higher, no wonder, after fall from 1900 to 1050 it had to rebound at some point. So it rebounded and Gary FINALLY started to make (virtual) money. Subscribers base started to grow, damn what a good trader, he claimed bull market in gold and it happened (no one checked that he claimed that since 2011). Model portfolio rose from 100000 to 220000 and Gary started to bragging about it, every time someone had other opinion (maybe its not bull etc) he responded like he is smartest trader ever, you dont know nothing, im sure, im 100% sure. Yeah, he was sure in 2012,2013 and 2014 also

But what happened in october 2016, Gary went long in gold at 1330$ of course at heavy leverage (JNUG), his subscribers followed him. What happened ? gold went down like a rock, to 1250$ and Gary’s model portfolio from 220000$ shrinked to 66000 which means -33% from START balance.

So lets resume: his model porftolio lost like 70-80% in previous years, he reseted it (virtual money right) then at the moment he is down AGAIN. And of course he is still claiming that dollar is done, and that gold is going to rise above 1500$ before end of 2016. How this will end ? I just hope that his subscribers will not lost most of their money again..

– he lost 70-80% of cash in 2012-2014
– he hid this like it never happened, just ask him about his previous record – he will ban you or delete your comment
– he lost 70% of cash in ONE trade, so he was DEAD WRONG about gold’s direction but he is STILL acting like trading god

So do you think that this are achievements of good trader ? do you want to PAY him for that ? Think twice. Below you find his “best moments”:

January 2012: If this scenario plays out then we can jettison the deflationary bear market hypothesis and begin positioning for the inflationary scenario which should culminate with a dollar crisis in late 2014. This scenario also has the potential to drive the bubble phase of the gold bull market.
my comment: since then dollar is UP 20% and you know what happened with gold – NICE CALL

April 2012: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (about stock market)
As convincing as this rally has been I am confident this is an ending phase and not the start a new secular bull market.
my comment: this “ending phase” ended with sky rocketing of stock market, SP500 went +60%, another NICE CALL

June 2013: No one even believes that gold will ever see $1900 again, much less many multiples higher than that. Yet gold has now put in place the necessary conditions for a bubble to begin. And all big secular bull markets end in bubbles.Human nature never changes. 
my comment: do i have to comment that ? gold went from 1400 to 1050, “bubble” ? really ?

this is only a small part.. i just want to prove that he was wrong about EACH market. You want more ? check this and dont forget to read all comments:

Also check this blog, MUST READ: especially:

After reading this, are you still willing to pay for Gary’s SMT service (which should be called LMH – Lose Money Hard) ?

BREAKING NEWS: After losing MOST of portfolio in SINGLE TRADE he is doing it AGAIN, Gary deleted his model portfolio in 2016 because he was close to going bankrupt AGAIN. Same situation happened after huge losses in 2011-2014, he deleted portfolio and made new one and guess what, he lost most of it AGAIN. This guy is nothing but MONEY LOSING MACHINE, total amateur which was overconfident about new bull market in gold. He was aggressive against every opposite voice (maybe its not bull ? he was like: you’re stupid IM SURE !) and now we see the truth. Guy knows nothing, cant make money in trading – LOSER OF THE CENTURY – and whats worse, he’s taking money from subscribers for it ! BEWARE


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  • Hey Werner, check the very solid looking doyble bottom on the Nikkei daily chart. If it flies then Yen will fall back to Earth and gold will go SPLAT.

  • I just exited the gold short, tiny profit (7%). This sudden rise
    maybe sth about the Fitch US-rating thing, will watch more.

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  • Current traders commitment on DOW…

  • Congrats to whoever called 1.13. The 1.09 call was too low.

    • And the doors are opened to 1.18 now.

      Off for today to grab a nice glass of wine and forget my erroneous prognosis.

      Take care, all.

  • Why does Online Trading Academy (OTA) even exists or get away with what they do – what a bunch of buffoon’s pumper and dumpers. Friend of mine was hard sold by them with high pressure tactics paying $20,000 for “Trade Advice & Training” learning nothing. I wonder what their ACTUAL student success rate is IF they kept track.

    • They’re infomercial always come during sell offs through time focusing on shorting and VXX oriented instruments.
      They got extremely lucky all 4th quarter and sucked in newbies.

  • All who say gold blasts through 1300 from here say Aye!

  • S&P is going to 2750. Soon too I think. Very positive looking to me. Shorts beware. Your asses will get kicked.

  • Look at Gary’s blog yesterday.

    • No thanks, I can’t look at what he writes anymore (or listen to what he says). It’s all just fucking blather, bluster and bullshit. Meanwhile there are superb people out there who do have genuine insights into the markets. That’s who I want to hear from. Gary is on block.

      As an aside….USD has hit bottom and spring loaded to soar tomorrow. Gold bugs look out below!!!!!

  • Just wondering – if banks effectively have unlimited money why do they hire ‘Research Analysts’ can’t they just dollar cost average every trade till its profitable? Or banks just target specific markets based on liquidity?

  • Far too much bullishness from retail here, looking to add to shorts from October- should be nice spot around 2644 SP and 24332 on Dow, we’ll see, 2% bet on each as per usual, double bottoms likely to be tapped on both. A lovely spike up to 2656 and 24600 then failure would be perfect

    • On the contrary
      Majority are short hence the continued short covering rallies
      You will suffer as they do

      • how will I suffer? been short since October, trend is still down, tell me where the higher low is, lol, clueless

        • So you called the top?
          I don’t think so
          You’ve been short since 12/26 as well?
          Or did you nail the bottom to cover?
          I think not

          • yep, told everyone here 2 months before monthly sell divergence occurred in October in the indices

  • Hi Mr. Elliot, please see below in real time – that would be 5 out of 6 – 2% on each

    September 14, 2018 at 8:54 pm
    Weekly Dojis in nugt, jnug, gdx and gdxj following the weekly RSI buy divergences last week. 4 weekly moving average within 20 pips of falling through 12 weekly MA for DXY – S&P weekly RSI sell divergence now in, so in summary, if you like to gamble, long, long, long, long, short, short. One caveat…
    1) Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it

  • How about this one?

    September 5, 2018 at 10:09 am
    DAX- is now in a bear market- downside target is 10435.70, ouch

  • OBi-wan
    August 31, 2018 at 8:41 pm
    caution is definitely warranted cake, S&P has a massive monthly 9 period RSI sell divergence confirmed today, doesn’t bode well for next month, any type of inverted hammer, piercing candle, evening star, doji, engulfing candle or bearish harami will confirm a nice swift move down in the indices, not guaranteed but a monthly divergence from January to 8 months is normally very significant – will wait for a daily candle before shorting
    the dollar is moving up but given the news it is fairly pathetic and without much strength, gary is probably right that it is a dead cat bounce over in the next few days
    you really want to see the indices gap up creating a blow-off evening star formation, that would indicate the drop would be worth a nice short, we’ll see, good charting and best wishes to you

    August 28, 2018 at 8:24 pm
    s&p needs to be higher than 2823.81 & DOW higher than 26149.40 for a lovely divergence drop, delicious, 3 days sunbathing coming

    August 29, 2018 at 3:15 pm
    monthly candles eurusd hammer banging out support, dxy Inverted hammer, indices all setting up monthly divergences, going to be a fun autumn
    August 29, 2018 at 7:58 pm
    the pros do (those who work for themselves, not banks nor spivs making money from subs), the children don’t, the weight of money comes in after the monthly ends, watch those divergences in the s&p & dow, use the daily or intraday to take the bet, I’ve given loads of daytrades on here but the true direction given on monthly or weekly especially in forex. for daily signals 63day ROC with 9 period MA is best. Intraday rising 200ma with trend on 15 mins or 300ma on 10miins or 30mins break of 0 momentum

    August 23, 2018 at 8:55 pm
    you could be right Peg about 1150 BUT if gold settles at c.1183 tomorrow we have a weekly inverted hammer 18 dollars long, if we finish c. 1195 we have a weekly piercing candle, both would indicate the turn up, either scenario would be extremely bullish weekly formations. I’m in today 1190 Dec expiry in anticipation of either scenario but that’s the gambler in me, calculated risk and I’d be amazed if we didn’t hit a minimum of 1300 by nov at the very latest so very relaxed even if the lower target is hit – good luck to all long or short

    GOODNIGHT ELLIOT WANKER :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • What the heck are you guys arguing about? I keep telling you to get out of gold because its going to get its as kicked. Please stay focused because any day now Gary is going to get you all-in on another JNUG trade and then look out below!!!! Cuz Gary always nails those things to perfection. One day JNUG is going to 2000 dollars.

    Dontcha know?

  • I called the BOTTOM TO THE MARKET!


    THE APPLE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2nd chance gold short. Entry 1,294 – SL 1,296 – factor 48.
    Very tight, I know.

    DOW short maybe a bit late by now, will watch further.

    Good trades, every1 !

  • However has the biggest ego here – please keep publishing your trades I need new contrarian signals. Thank you.

  • Sorry. *Whoever NOT However.. woops.

  • Thanks Wern. going long Gold now. Let me know when you exit – that’s actually more important than the entry or chart market direction.

    • Please be kind enough to just overread my other mumbling then
      and just concentrate on the (IF they ARE) given exit-points.

  • Focus on right bottom corner (yesterdays data (c) WSJ) when thinking miners…

  • If you have not noticed yet, the dollar has just bounced off very solid support and will now cycle up. It’s time to exit gold and gold trades. The charts say so although you may beg to differ. When price did not exceed 1300 dollars though and instead created a second peak we pretty much knew the gig was up.

    Take care out there. (JDST is looking really good as already mentioned)

  • Tape action in US stocks today should be a tell
    Digesting recent gains to head to higher ground
    Shorts are screwed
    Correction not bear market is done

  • Clearly overnight should’ve continued into today attacking the US markets but it didn’t
    Sentiment has changed

  • JDST up 5% now are looking sexy. Gold meamwhile is just about ready for another dip lower. By tomorrow it will all be over for January’s gold dreams.

  • Second proof today in recoveries

  • So what is Gary buying and selling? Do I dare even ask?

  • Bye bye 2525
    Hello 2650

  • Gold is looking really sick and could easily drop back to 1280 overnight.

    Here is that JDST chart of Junior Miners again and its really looking perky after today. More like a solid bottom has been put in for mining stock in other words. Sometimes the patterns can look a little dicey at first and I would agree that this chart from two days ago didn’t really look a 100% certain. But I’m in and its working well. Lots and lots of upside if gold does indeed take a cycle down from its 1300 dollar peak.

  • On the plus side, stocks could soar. Look out above (and don’t be nervous) because if gold is going to take a holiday it also means the dollar will be rising and so will the indices. Just my take on things. I love the look of the S&P right now. Maybe I’m nuts though!

  • Come on people, don’t be shy. It was on the charts all along.

    Hello? Hello?

    • Hello Peg. That makes sense I though gold was going to the moon again stupid me following Gary. How low do you reckon for gold this time. before it pops hard again?

      • Sorry to hear you’re still a subscriber over there, Robert.

        Anyway, I am only looking out to the end of this month for metals to decline as the dollar bounces. It’s not forever by any means and we can never count gold out as a totally dead asset when its being showing signs of life. All I really see is a medium term opportunity to make a few bucks on a gold pull back. That’s why I mention one of my trades (JDST). You can see visually why its chart is appealing and sometimes that’s a better way to view gold when the gold chart isn’t giving you the clues you might like. Making money on stock trading shouldn’t be hard when you see straightforward set ups like this. For the next few days I am only looking at JDST running up to 52.50 approx which is a five and a half dollar move. We will see what it does after that but in general I would like to trade this thing for maybe 3 weeks.

    • Sir, So you are telling me if it bounces off the red line it goes down?
      Peg, thanks for the update.
      Where is everyone else? kitty, am me, little porcupine, and Alexa?

      • No, that’s not what it means. It’s the strike price I bought and minimum expectation in this case.

      • Me thinks she back and fills 2650 2800 max to 2583 and no longer 2525 and no longer 2347 as I once imagined.
        Avi thinks 2100 -2200 which is absurd.
        Masses think the same which is absurd.
        Contrarian is the odds favor .
        2583 is the magic bullet.

  • Crude/SPX Correlation Correction:
    SPX 2650 is not Crude $52.50
    SPX 2600 is as seen twice in the last two sessions.
    This tells me the US Indices are showing strength , just look at the moving averages are turning up.
    2525 = 49.13
    2600 = 52.50
    2650 = 55
    2800 = 59.13

    THE main overlooked accomplishment is the fact 2583 has truncates the down waves changing a bearish sentiment to a bullish one thus completing a correction vs a bear market/recessionary forces.
    NO ONE not even the experts are not acknowledging this phenomenon

  • Gold is up almost 5$ again. Still long CDE. 🙂

    • Don’t get fooled Bigglaze. Gold can drop to 1280 in a single day. If you look at the gold (hourly) chart you can see that the pattern in play during January is roughly symmetrical which means the right hand side of the pattern since the peak at 1300 is roughly a mirror of the left hand side.

      So consider lightening up during this gold price bounce (today) because if the pattern follows through then the very next move will see us back at 1280. Actually I think it could happen by Monday morning at the latest but its possible even this morning. This will likely take place in the context of a sharp JPYUSD move (falling Yen).

      What that means in other words is we probably get a strong move higher in equity markets (which includes the Nikkei) and when that happens all kinds of other interesting stuff takes place. The dollar strengthens for example, bonds sell off, the Yen falls with the Euro and gold gets a big fucking punch in the face.

      Today or Monday. Be careful out there, buddy. Don’t become metals roadkill like Gary’s team.

  • Crude is making her run to $55
    $53.19 as I type thus breaking past $52.50 – .75 resistance
    S&P is affected and should see 2650 soon
    The shorts and majority will create yet another short squeeze

  • Watch the DOW for a break above 24,060.
    If it fails, I’ll go short for the moment.

    • I think we are going to get a surge in the indices today. More than the usual stock melt-up. A big fat short squeeze is coming. Its in the context of this current gold top and I suspect its going to be a surprise to most everyone.

      • Howdy Peg.

        This whole “recovery” up to now is nothing but a big short sqeeze.

        Question is what will happen if REAL liquidity is needed to keep
        the rise going. After all, if there is ANY problem in the “system”
        at the moment, it is the WITHDRAWAL of liquidity… Dangerous.

        • Oh yeah, I agree. I still don’t think we have found the bottom. But I’m also suspicious of a market that “looks like” it will turn down imminently. I am not willing to risk getting short in that situation. Instead I took out some cheap strategic longs. Shorting will happen only if we actually break down but trying to anticipate a fall is often a waste of time when odds still favour a short cover rally. Until then I can sit on the sidelines and just wait. I figure the shorts will provide all the liquidity needed once the market moves. Yin/yang. And money will pour back in if traders believe they are about to miss out on a big rally.

          • That gold trade is not working out. Look at it now! Full recovery and ready to blast through 1300!!

          • The SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) showed 270 mln of outflow yesterday.

            On the other hand – buying on weakness – Amazon & Alphabet
            were bought with 307 mln and 248 mln respectively.

            New shift to techs now that the train seems to have restarted ?

          • Robert, gold has dropped like a rock from 1295 and a half to below 1288 in the last few hours.
            It’s doing just as expected and could easily test 1280 today.

  • Crude 75 nope
    Crude 55 yep
    Typical manipulation at hand now
    I’d rather see it sell off pre market vs a ramp up, better chances of a rally @ the open into the close for the stock market.
    This entire leg up is a melt up wall of worry short covering as best explained here:

  • I have to copy and paste vs posting a URL apparently
    Rick’s Pick for Friday
    A Ponzi Game Where Nearly Everyone Wins
    Published Thursday, Jan 10, 9:56 p.m .ET
    I put out a commentary Sunday night bearing this tongue-in-cheek headline: “No Chance This Rally Is the Real Deal, Right?” Of course, merely to pose the question is to suggest that it is at least possible the bull market still breathes. Look, I’m as skeptical as you are, a died-in-the-wool permabear who thinks the Dow will ultimately trade below 10,000. And I see the same ugly, seemingly unstoppable developments that you see: The housing and auto sectors are imploding, U.S. retailers’ holiday season is starting to look like a last hurrah, and a weak one at that; and the economies of Germany and China are entering a possible death spiral. It doesn’t help that companies that threw countless billions at share buybacks since stocks began falling in October lost their shirts. Toss in the growing political and economic uncertainties of a nation slipping into a so-far-bloodless civil war, and you might think that anyone buying stocks right now (other than short-covering bears) is crazy, stupid or both.

    And yet, when we assert that new record highs are simply not possible, we must be prepared to eat crow if we are wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. Nor would it require much buying power to accomplish this, even if some believe otherwise. Here’s one such skeptic in the Rick’s Picks trading room Thursday: “Short of a new [round of quantitative easing], there simply isn’t enough money out there to lift the markets to new highs. Remember, markets fall under their own weight but need to be bought to go up. ‘When stocks fall (without trading), money goes to money heaven’, as Jim Dines used to say. The collective capital loss is several trillion, with FAANG stocks losing a cool trillion on their own.”

    Don’t Bet Against It

    In fact, it takes relatively little capital to lift stocks in a short squeeze where supply simply backs away. Until October, this was what routinely happened nearly every Sunday night for nine years. Stocks wafted higher on gossamer volume in the wee hours, triggering a short-covering panic at the opening bell. Could this victimless Ponzi game get re-energized in the weeks and months ahead? Don’t bet too heavily against it. And don’t mistake the tedium and wretched choppiness we are seeing on some days for weakness. The E-Mini S&Ps may have struggled fruitlessly on Thursday, for one, to achieve an easy Hidden Pivot rally target, but don’t get short and turn your back on it. Realize that the Masters of the Universe are simply waiting for opportune moments when they can count on short-covering to do virtually all of the heavy lifting — and do so with relatively small outlays of cash. That’s how the game it works, and woe to any bear who thinks stocks cannot flout economic logic and the law of gravity for the 4-6 weeks it would take to mount a credible assault on October’s highs. If you want a closer look at Rick’s Picks, click here to sign up at the top of the home page for a free two-week trial subscription — no credit card needed. Drop by the 24/7 chat room first — and be sure to say hello when you a

  • 2583 as depicted recently @ 2584 should be the intraday low for the manipulators to take her before it runs up
    Place https in front of ://

    • Could well be, currently just above it. We
      touched the 2,584 about 17 minutes ago.

      • Me thinking here on out that will be her low low and not 2525 nor 2374 which is a huge bullish statement.
        Peg may be right, we may very well see a huge rally day vs an anticipated Friday profit taking event
        Why? Because of the pre market activity vs a rally @ the open
        Watching crude for years is a tell as in $52.50 – .75 is SPX 2583

  • Mind you 52.05 was her low is a disconnect when SPX was 2384
    More the reason the US stocks should pivot hard up when and if 52.50 is breached on the upside today.

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