So propably you’re subscriber of, website run by Gary Savage – or maybe you are thinking about becoming a subscriber. Well, read my blog and i think you will change your mind. You think he is such a great trader ? well truth is far,far, FAR away from that. In a fact – in long term he is WRONG about literaly EVERY market – gold, dollar, stock market. It’s easy to track his “record”, on his you can read archive post to check his achievements. I dont know why people dont do that ?! Its easy to find out that since 2011 – in a long term he is WRONG WRONG WRONG and WRONG in his predictions. In a short term – yes he have some nice trades, recently he bragged about “4 perfect trades in a row”. Well guess what happened next, his next trade hit 70% DRAWDOWN, which is almost equal to BANKRUPT. On his website he’s posting “model portfolio” which is nothing but virtual money. But his subscribers are using REAL money and have real losses. So he started about 2011 claiming that gold is going only higher and higher, when bull market in gold crashed he claimed that its only a correction and bull market will resume with target prices around 2000-3000$. Yes… You know what happened right ?

But even in 2013-2014 he still believed that bull market is still in play ! And he was very confident about it, just check picture below, “i can assure you”, “im sure” etc – he is still using this word to this days. “you will make shitloads of money” etc. But what happened, he lost most of cash in “model portfolio”, leaving his subscribers accounts EMPTY. The he hid this portfolio because he is refusing to admit that he was totally wrong about EACH MARKET in timeframe 2011-2014. Just check his predictions they are public available. He claimed that stock market is going to fall, well what happened ? all time highs… he claimed that dollar is done, and what happened ? multiyear highs. He is still claiming that dollar is done, but dollar is still making new highs almost each day 🙂 And of course – gold, he was totally wrong

So to resume – he was 100% wrong on each market, he lost his subscribers money because of that. So what he did, in 2015 he decided to reset his model portfolio, new balance like never happened. Well his subscribers couldnt do that, their money are gone forever.

FINALLY gold bottomed in 2015 so guess what, Gary is on fire again – gold is going to 4000-5000$ this time! dollar is done ! you’re going to make shitloads of money etc, saaame old story

gold prices went higher, no wonder, after fall from 1900 to 1050 it had to rebound at some point. So it rebounded and Gary FINALLY started to make (virtual) money. Subscribers base started to grow, damn what a good trader, he claimed bull market in gold and it happened (no one checked that he claimed that since 2011). Model portfolio rose from 100000 to 220000 and Gary started to bragging about it, every time someone had other opinion (maybe its not bull etc) he responded like he is smartest trader ever, you dont know nothing, im sure, im 100% sure. Yeah, he was sure in 2012,2013 and 2014 also

But what happened in october 2016, Gary went long in gold at 1330$ of course at heavy leverage (JNUG), his subscribers followed him. What happened ? gold went down like a rock, to 1250$ and Gary’s model portfolio from 220000$ shrinked to 66000 which means -33% from START balance.

So lets resume: his model porftolio lost like 70-80% in previous years, he reseted it (virtual money right) then at the moment he is down AGAIN. And of course he is still claiming that dollar is done, and that gold is going to rise above 1500$ before end of 2016. How this will end ? I just hope that his subscribers will not lost most of their money again..

– he lost 70-80% of cash in 2012-2014
– he hid this like it never happened, just ask him about his previous record – he will ban you or delete your comment
– he lost 70% of cash in ONE trade, so he was DEAD WRONG about gold’s direction but he is STILL acting like trading god

So do you think that this are achievements of good trader ? do you want to PAY him for that ? Think twice. Below you find his “best moments”:

January 2012: If this scenario plays out then we can jettison the deflationary bear market hypothesis and begin positioning for the inflationary scenario which should culminate with a dollar crisis in late 2014. This scenario also has the potential to drive the bubble phase of the gold bull market.
my comment: since then dollar is UP 20% and you know what happened with gold – NICE CALL

April 2012: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (about stock market)
As convincing as this rally has been I am confident this is an ending phase and not the start a new secular bull market.
my comment: this “ending phase” ended with sky rocketing of stock market, SP500 went +60%, another NICE CALL

June 2013: No one even believes that gold will ever see $1900 again, much less many multiples higher than that. Yet gold has now put in place the necessary conditions for a bubble to begin. And all big secular bull markets end in bubbles.Human nature never changes. 
my comment: do i have to comment that ? gold went from 1400 to 1050, “bubble” ? really ?

this is only a small part.. i just want to prove that he was wrong about EACH market. You want more ? check this and dont forget to read all comments:

Also check this blog, MUST READ: especially:

After reading this, are you still willing to pay for Gary’s SMT service (which should be called LMH – Lose Money Hard) ?

BREAKING NEWS: After losing MOST of portfolio in SINGLE TRADE he is doing it AGAIN, Gary deleted his model portfolio in 2016 because he was close to going bankrupt AGAIN. Same situation happened after huge losses in 2011-2014, he deleted portfolio and made new one and guess what, he lost most of it AGAIN. This guy is nothing but MONEY LOSING MACHINE, total amateur which was overconfident about new bull market in gold. He was aggressive against every opposite voice (maybe its not bull ? he was like: you’re stupid IM SURE !) and now we see the truth. Guy knows nothing, cant make money in trading – LOSER OF THE CENTURY – and whats worse, he’s taking money from subscribers for it ! BEWARE


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  • The Nasdaq .com bubble eclipsed her then top and then some as proof today.
    Blockchain is bigger than the internet on a scalable level
    Don’t discount her like Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin technicals:

    Retracement in effect:
    12,748.00 Dec 10 low
    11,590.00 Dec 6 open [needs to fill)

    Not a bubble, typical past behavior accomplished higher lows and highs
    Another shake out (buying opportunity/fleece out the weak)?

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171221-181411

    Inverted candlestick wick usually portrays a bottom aka 13005?

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171221-150746

    Really Gary you earn it?

  • Hey Gary, I am short with jdst for nearly 3 month now and still holding. Added up 3 times to the initial position. Last weekend’s COT report revealed that the commercial’s subgroup swap dealers added 50% (!) to their netto short position. I immediately added up on that news (3rd time). You are so good in telling when cycle lows are about to happen. I don’t get why you don’t combine this with the COT reports. Because this tells us the bloodbath phase in gold will become really bloody this time. I am betting much more money than usual, because these kind of opportunities are rare imo ?

  • Attachment a-wave-1

    I’ve lost track of how many times Gary has called for gold to go to 1500 and above. He’s literally been saying this throughout the whole bear market. And here again in Oct 2016 while his subs accounts were getting devastated by the JNUG 96 trade.

  • Gary analyses Bitcoin through GBTC which isn’t accurate. It’s like comparing JNUG to GDXJ with the premium interfering with their true dynamics respectively.

    Fill the gap OVERDONE due to panic selling/market manipulation elements.

    Healthy for 2018 IMHO …….

    Was best to buy OR add @ open to 10am

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171222-085233

    THE true bottom candlestick inverse wick on her daily

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171222-124116

    14K baby …….. just like old times

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171222-160802

    Well said Roy.

  • Hey Gary, I am short with jdst for nearly 3 month now and still holding. Added up 3 times to the initial position. Last weekend’s COT report revealed that the commercial’s subgroup swap dealers added 50% (!) to their netto short position. I immediately added up on that news (3rd time). You are so good in telling when cycle lows are about to happen. I don’t get why you don’t combine this with the COT reports. Because this tells us the bloodbath phase in gold will become really bloody this time. I am betting much more money than usual, because these kind of opportunities are rare imo ??

    • Stefan has a lot of things wrong, here. Also, he is reading the COTs incorrectly. Last week, the swap dealers didn’t even come close to adding 50% to there shorts. They REDUCED their net shorts. As long as he’s making money and not following Gary’s trades, that’s all that matters, though.

  • Do yourself a favor and take precious metals completely out of your trading repertoire
    Too unpredictable and stressful.

  • All you have to remember Gary was bearish the semis 3rd quarter 2016 when SOXL was trading in the low 40’s.
    SOXL 52 week high $171.80
    Friday @ $144.01

    Bitcoin short?

    • Gary is just clueless. He does not provide analysis, just guesses. And that is why he is always caught at market turns looking the wrong way.

      He even has the balls to say to other that if they had listened to him about bitcoin, they would not have been hurt by the drop. But he has been saying the same thing since below 3000 in bitcoin. So anyone that did not listen to him is still up by many multiples even after bitcoin’s big drop .. . . and even without the recovery.

      Gary is just clueless.

  • Damn! I thought that Gary would shut up about bitcoin after that last horrible call. Always acting like he was right in the face of failure.

  • Gary recently was preaching how gold could drop to 1200 before she bottomed
    Gold is 1275 from a recent low of 1241.60
    Gary NOW is bragging how he called the recent bottom
    Gary is a puppet image of Avi

    • Hell no . . Avi is quite often right. Gary just makes fun of him because he uses stops and has an alternative perspective in case his primary one is invalidated. I was actually in Avi’s trading room the night he loaded up on gold when we were hitting 1050 in December 2015. He told us he was doing it that night, and his broker even came on the site to confirm it. Avi gives you specific targets on his charts . . . Gary gives you “I guess.”

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171224-124342

    Very constructive chart higher Lowe’s tents 10050 and now 11500 respectively

    Besides the masses are all touting a crash we all know what that means right?

  • Furthermore you must take an account of the holiday thinly-traded session especially Asian overseas trading very lackluster
    Nevertheless keep tabs on the to recent intraday lows very constructive

  • I personally document my trades first with my brokerage and simultaneously texting and emailing my friend circle.
    I’m not a professional but can definitely beat your performance year after year

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171224-164425

    Gary’s still touting miners are undervalued. It gives the JNUG at $96 holders hope.

  • Merry Christmas Gary
    May God UNgrinch you to make 2018 a better year for you and beyond
    Happy Birthday Jesus Christ

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171225-093429

    Oh well

  • Attachment jnug 500

    JNUG had a 1:4 reverse split in May 2017. Prior to that Gary was saying that JNUG would go to at least $500. So, with the reverse split, he should now be saying that it will go to $2000. He’s not, though. His crazy calls were only made to justify his terrible trade recommendation to buy JNUG at $96.

    Gary’s JNUG $500-1000 calls are a big farce. He’s just throwing big numbers around to get the subs salivating. His service is based on telling people what they want to hear. Many are satisfied with dreaming about the pie-in-the-sky gains they think they’ll make. Gary doesn’t have a clue what gold or JNUG will do. That’s pretty obvious since he’s been calling for a new bull market in gold for the last five years.

    Considering the split, JNUG $500-1000 is now JNUG $2000-4000. So, why is he still saying $500?

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171226-102444

    Oh oh

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171226-102452

    Stay tuned
    Will it be answered OR taken down?

  • Attachment chart-of-the-day25

    Gary knew the market would top sometime in 2014.

    Fucking blowhard…

  • Attachment Screenshot_20171227-071935


    I wish bitcoin will fall because I told everyone at 3k the bubble popped

  • “before any more people get caught up in this mania and end up losing everything”

    Yea, like when Gary bought the top of the silver bubble in 2011 and subs got massacred. And the 2016 JNUG/NUGT/USLV massacre. Gary’s paper portfolios are like zombies that rise from the dead.

  • Attachment a-wave-1

    Ever since gold fell through 1500 in 2013, Gary has been baiting his subs with this same story, year after year. He’ll keep saying the same thing, so when/if it ever happens he’ll claim he was right.

    He did the same thing with the stock market. He was calling for the bubble phase at the end of 2014 and ended up weathering three stock market corrections that were around 10% before stocks started a sustained uptrend. Now, people think he called it correctly. This is after Gary had been a stock market bear from 2009 through the end of 2014. He really has the gift of charlatanism.

  • Attachment chart-of-the-day-16-768x662

    2015 was supposed to be bubble time for stocks. Here’s a link to the chart of what really happened in 2015:

  • The knee replacement 3 years ago, and arthritis in my back finally forced me to quit and just focus on Bitcoin.

  • lose money the gary fucktard way, take it on gary guys the young men were riding him pretty hard at chippendales

  • Attachment spx-collapse

    Wrong way Gary again

  • Attachment big picture

    This stuff is totally made up and isn’t based on anything other than wild guesses. You could get a five year old to draw on your charts and they’d be just as reliable.

  • Wrong Way Gary,
    Those charts represent Gary’s continual bearish view on stocks. ***STOCK BEAR/GOLD BULL*** all the way with Gary. The only reason he has any subs is because he’s a scam artist! If any of his subs paid attention to his history, they’d run.

  • Attachment 2B28E288-0206-4EDD-97D5-41601EAF6D22

    Well we’ll what do you know …….
    Three higher lows
    The masses AGAIN will get this one wrong in 2018

  • Again let me caution about assuming it’s safe to sell positions. I may be wrong and price may just continue to chug higher next week. If that happens you run the risk of getting left behind. Or even if the market does pull back a little bit the odds of you timing a perfect reentry are slim. Like I’ve said before, without a crystal ball you will have no idea whether a pullback is going to last 1 day, 3 days, or maybe 4 or 5 days. The odds are you will suffer paralysis and not be able to pull the trigger on a reentry at the perfect spot and you will probably end up having to chase anyway.

  • Attachment stock-market-broken-parabola

    Gary’s biggest dream was to see the market go back to the 2009 lows. He missed the whole rally and desperately wanted a second chance.

  • Gary has hated the stock market for years. He has posted many crash charts. He has said he lost his ass in the dot com bubble.

    But now he has the sickness of “The fear of missing out”

  • JNUG down 20% this year
    Gold up 13% this year

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